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April 29, 2022

4 Incredible Merits Of Having L Shaped Desks In Your Office

If you’re looking to improve your office space, but don’t have a lot of extra space or money, this post is just for you. Lucky for you, there are many options available! And not all of the options have high prices either. One of the simplest ways to stay organized and create an inviting workspace is by investing in L shaped standing desks. If you don’t know what an L shaped desk is, imagine a desk with one long, rectangular ledge and then another ledge at the other end of the desk. Tossing to-do lists and presentation notes into a drawer? Yep, that’s going on your desktop.

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Here are 8 benefits of having an L shaped standing desk:

  1. More space for work


If you work at a desk, then you likely have more than one task to get done when your nose is to the grindstone. For example, you’re probably answering emails, writing reports and/or speaking on the phone. The great thing about L shaped desks is that they offer plenty of surface area while taking up less space than other types of desks. If you use the space in the corners of your desk wisely, it’s possible to fit two monitors plus all of those accessories that come with your laptop monitor. Basically, an L shaped desk gives you more elbow room so you can focus on being productive.

  1. A comfortable work space
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Having a desk that isn’t perfectly flat or square actually makes it easier to focus on your work. If you’ve ever sat in an office chair with a perfectly flat back, you know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to judge just where to lean and keep the natural curvature of your spine while focusing. Your spine has the tendency to curve slightly because it’s designed to move when you walk, sit and bend over. The curve naturally spreads out during these movements which causes walking, sitting and bending to become easier as time goes on. It’s also important for your spine health not to be forced into unnatural positions such as leaning back or sharply slumping forward for extended periods of time.

  1. Easier to move
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If you don’t have room to move your desk around, then you might need an L shaped desk! When you need to relocate parts of your work area, it’s much easier to move your essentials (desk, computer monitor and storage) around rather than piece together the entire workspace. Just think about the last time you moved. Did you find yourself at a standstill? Did it take forever because everything was in boxes or had to be put together from broken pieces? No doubt, this is a huge hassle that takes time and energy away from other things like emails and working on deadlines.

  1. More room to work and be creative
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With an L shaped adjustable standing desk, you can often get your work setup with a little more room for creativity. This can be in the form of having a couple of extra legs or even some extra space on the desk itself. This is good because you’ll have enough room to set up your computer monitor and keyboard so that you’re able to tackle more than one task at once. Plus, when you’re in front of your desk working, there’s no need to grab another surface to keep your paperwork organized. Whether it’s just a few stapled documents or presentations, everything is easy to access with an L shaped desk.

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If you can afford it, investing in an L shaped desk is a smart choice for any office space. The savings of not having to buy a new desk can pay for the expense of buying one within months. Plus, once your desk is set up, you’ll feel more comfortable and productive which will probably mean you work less!

An L-shaped desk is a standard that never goes out of style and will continue to be more popular as companies realize the benefits.


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