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May 23, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions On School ERPs

What is a School ERP?


The ERP full form is enterprise resource management. Unlike other software, an ERP system could also be applied to various industries and institutions including an educational institution. school ERP in particular helps the institution to manage everyday activities such as curriculum teaching schedules, administrative tasks, student data handling and storing fee records, assignment submissions, and so on.


With a well-arranged and systematic integrated school management system an institution can upgrade procedures. For example, the tasks which were previously manually done could now be continued in paperless forms. Because data could be stored and managed through Internet, there is no risk of loss of data or access to this system.

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How can it benefit teachers?


An ERP of institutions allocates for LMS portals. The LMS full form is a learning management system. it is specifically meant for the convenience of teachers and students, and once in a while for parents. It can benefit teachers by;

●     Enhancing parent teacher communication


Parents can access and review the assignments of the students by logging into the LMS or ERP system directly. They can also access the attendance records and view their words day to day performance in all the classes. An LMS specifically takes care of improvising communication between parents and teachers so that complete transparency is maintained in teaching methods strategies. Sometimes there arises a need for a one-on-one meeting with the parent of a weak child, teachers can arrange for it without going through complex lines of communication.

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●     Enhancing student teacher communication


With an ERP and LMS in place, teachers can collaborate with students beyond the classroom. It can bridge the gap in communication where there is no need for an external app or external form of contacting the teacher or student. They can solve queries ask questions, and get a response from not only the teacher but also other classmates. Students who don’t like bringing up their doubts in a classroom because it might interrupt the session frequent the LMS portals.

Administrative records


Although parents, students, and teachers are the main partakers in LMS portals the administration has to keep a track of everything. They are the support for an LMS system. From time to time there arises a need for maintenance and upgrade. This, along with other performance-related issues is taken care of by the administration itself.

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How can it benefit School management?

●     Security


Using the Internet for learning comes with its own set of challenges, security being the major one. Thankfully, an ERP provides role-based access so that only a few people can view sensitive data and student information.

●     Reduced administrative hassle


The school management has a lot of people. They are assigned to different departments of the administrative system. The school head had to go through a lot of hassle maintaining their activities and supervising. This process is simplified by using an ERP.

●     The budget


A lot of institutions still save student data in school drawers and the back office. This needed storage space, and maintaining it manually needed some portion of the budget. The school can save on storage space and also the people who were needed to maintain student records.

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What is the best ERP for a school?


The best ERP system for schools is one that adheres to the institution’s goals and requirements. Here are some points which can help a school choose the right ERP;


  • It understands the distinct needs and feature requirements of the school. The system should suit the preferences of teachers and students too because they will also be using an LMS portal every day beside the administration.
  • School administration should have a budget enough to install maintain and invest in the required features of the ERP. This should come, however, be done without making compromises in actual school facilities.
  • The management team should already have a plan prepared in advance, along with the features that they are looking for. They can conduct detailed research on the available ERP software in present-day markets.
  • The support system from the vendor who is providing ERP software to this school should hold some amount of responsibility for upgrading and personalized features. Because student needs are changing every day, these features will have to be modified frequently.
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