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May 10, 2022

Power Surges – What You Need to Know

Electricity is a big part of a homeowner’s life. You will find yourself depending on electronics for a lot of what you do throughout the day. Every room and workspace is heavily dependent on these gadgets, and with something which is used so frequently, things are bound to malfunction at times. There are many different reasons for issues to occur in your home’s electrical system, and some threats are certainly more damaging than others.

One of the most common threats to a home’s electrical system, is a power surge. A surge is a source of both danger and inconvenience for a homeowner. It can stop all virtual activity, as well as keep you from important work-related business. A power surge puts your home and belongings at risk, threatening its overall security.

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Home security is understandably a matter of great concern for any homeowner, which is why understanding power surges is important. Once you understand the mechanics, you can prepare accordingly and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is something that occurs due to multiple causes, both natural and manmade. A surge happens when there is a sudden spike in the voltage supply to a home; due to this, any appliances connected and operating at the time would suffer from more electricity than they can handle, which could damage them.

There are a few different sources of a power surge. The power lines leading to your home can be influenced by many external sources, even something as simple as a physical object running into the power source. The following are some causes of a surge which you may want to watch out for.

  • A lightning strike. Often, a weather forecast will inform you of an approaching storm, so that you’re prepared.
  • Power grid switch occurring with your electricity provider.
  • When power comes back on after a prolonged outage, there may be a short but intense spike at its return.
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These are the major sources of a surge, and the following are a few ways you can prepare yourself against them.

Stay Updated

Sometimes, a surge can be predicted. There are some causes of a surge which can be found out in advance. For example, a weather forecast may be able to warn you about a storm, or you may receive a notification regarding a long power outage due to a fault. When you know about a potential surge approaching, it can become much easier to prevent it, or at least minimize damages. You can always try to check the weather daily, or get an app which will notify you when there may be a significant change.

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Disconnect the Larger Appliances

The heavier appliances in your home are generally more vulnerable to electrical disasters. These appliances are more sensitive due to bearing a heavier load and performing more taxing tasks than smaller gadgets, which is why a power surge can have a greater impact on them. Even if a surge has already begun, and you are noticing fluctuations in your home’s electrical supply, the first priority should be to disconnect any major appliances which are at risk of being harmed. This includes air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

A power surge is especially harmful to the larger appliances in your home, those which require a greater amount of electricity to function. For example, refrigerator surge protection can keep you from having to repair or replace such an important appliance after a surge occurs.

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Have Internet Backup

When you find yourself isolated with no direct access to outdoor resources, the internet can be very important. In case of a storm, it can help keep you updated and provide you with helpful online resources to help you get through the potentially dangerous time. It can also provide a source of comfort through contact with friends and loved ones, and can even be a source of entertainment when you have nothing else to do.

A lot of the time, people find turning off the main electricity supply to their home a good way to protect their home against a surge; however, this can keep you from using the internet as well in certain situations. In a situation like this, having an internet backup, such as a rechargeable, portable internet device can be a huge help.

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Use Surge Protectors

One of the best ways to protect your home against a power surge is to use gadgets which can minimize its impacts. A surge protector plugs into your home’s outlets and keeps excess current from reaching your appliances. Even if a surge occurs, the current will be grounded before it enters your home. While, surge protectors don’t guarantee safety for your home, they certainly make a power surge less harmful to your appliances. If you want more thorough protection for your home, you may even opt for whole home surge protection.

An Important Step in Internal Home Security

As soon as you learn of an approaching power surge, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to prevent dire consequences. This guide to surges will tell you what you can do to keep your home and belongings safe against this threat.

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Despite the unavoidability of a power surge, you do not have to suffer the consequences head-on. By knowing the source of the surge and the potential damages it can cause, you may be able to avoid unforeseen accidents. Being prepared for disturbances in your home’s power supply is an important step in making your home a safer living space.


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